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VoCore: Power Save Test => Turn off WIFI + Ethernet

Just want to know, in standby mode, how much power will VoCore consume.
It is very interesting, if we shutdown ethernet, VoCore current consume will low to 0.1A(0.5watt), if we shut down wifi, how much power will it consume?

First, call script, shutdown the ethernet.
Then, power off wifi.(add “option disabled 1” to /etc/config/wireless)

The result of RT5350 is really out of my imagination.

Here is the picture and the truth:

1h20m, but only 80mAh!(Three hours is around 200mAh)

That means it consumes ONLY 70mAh every hour, a small Li-battery(2000mAh) will able to make it work over a day!

VoCore is not sleeping, we can enable the wifi or ethernet anytime in 3 seconds through UART.

Same test for VoCore2: standby power consume is around 63mAh…Emm, this result is not much better, but fair, 580MHz vs 360MHz. Looks like it is the chip limit.

VoCore2: In Process


Tested system and IO, everything works fine. Now just needs to make the antenna better. 🙂 Hopefully it can be released in this year.

VoCore: Save Some Power(1.0w => 0.6watt)

Some users are asking about save power on VoCore, it is easy to do.

1. Download this simple tool: mems(or compile mmio)

2. scp this mems to VoCore.

3. make it executable.

chmod +x mems

4. call the following command to save power by shutting down ethernet 0~3.

./mems 0x101100c0 0x08002000
./mems 0x101100c0 0x08002001
./mems 0x101100c0 0x08002002
./mems 0x101100c0 0x08002003

4.b. if you want to power on ethernet 0~3, just call the following command:

mems 0x101100c0 0x00002000
mems 0x101100c0 0x00002001
mems 0x101100c0 0x00002002
mems 0x101100c0 0x00002003

From datasheet, this register(0x101100c0) is used to send message to internal registers, so we can use it to save power by closing ethernet ports that we do not use.
PS: better to call the command once VoCore boot up or it might fail.