Daily Archives: 2014-11-16

VoCore meet Edison in Beijing Maker Space

Yesterday I have been to Beijing Make(r) Space, find Edison there 🙂

Here is some photo compare VoCore with Edison.


VoCore is much smaller 🙂


This bottom interface is rather not that friendly to hobbyist, if I only have the $50 Edison, I can not use it at all. That slot is hard to buy from everywhere, lol, compare to that, seems VoCore’s 1.27mm connectors are much easy to get. 🙂 That is not the point, at least, I can solder wire to the 1.27mm holes, but I have no idea how to use Edison without its $79(?) breakout board.

Emm, I am a little disappoint. Last year, I was thinking Intel must making some wonderful thing, but the final result is just so so.