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VoCore v1.0 & Dock Mass Production Schedule

The software part is stopped this week, focus on the mass production. This can not afford any mistake.

There are a lot of work simultaneously:

-> VoCore v1.0:
Aug.14 ~ Aug.17 First 200 units VoCore v1.0 release version(beta) and test.
Aug.17 ~ Aug.18 Send sample to FCCID.
Aug.17 ~ Aug.25 VoCore v1.0 final PCB mass production.
Aug.26 ~ Sep.06 SMT VoCore and assemble with Dock.
Sep.07 ~ Sep.10 FCCID done, make FCCID tag.
Sep.06 ~ Sep.10 Package and ship.

-> VoCore v1.0 Dock:
Aug.13 ~ Aug.20 Dock PCB mass production.
Aug.21 ~ Aug.25 SMT & Assemble Dock.
Sep.03 ~ Sep.06 Combine VoCore and the Dock.
Sep.06 ~ Sep.10 Package and ship.

-> New site & forum:
Aug.03 ~ Aug.15 Mockup.
Aug.16 ~ Aug.22 Home/Forum/Wiki page.
Aug.22 ~ Aug.25 VoCore Manual, new site online.
Aug.26 ~ Sep.01 Project page.
Sep.01 ~ Sep.15 Store page.

Ship will take about 5~20 days.
From Alpha, average ship time(about 100 package):

Position         Average Time    Note
Australia          8 days        No offical data.
Austria            10 days       No offical data.
Belgium            12 days
Brazil             >40 days      Not arrive yet, just get Brazil.
Bulgaria           14 days
Canada             14 days
Czech Republic     14 days
Denmark            11 days
Finland            14 days
France             10 days
Germany            15 days
Greece             26 days
Hungary            20 days
Israel             22 days
Italy              20 days
Netherlands        10 days
New Zealand        8 days
Norway             17 days
Poland             14 days
Russian Federation 21 days
Spain              36 days
Sweden             30 days
Switzerland        12 days
Taiwan             14 days
Thailand           9 days
Turkey             16 days
United Kingdom     7 days
United States      7 days

To US,UK and Asia the speed is acceptable, 90% packages are delivered in one week; To Europe countries, the speed is fair, about two weeks for most of them, but Spain, Greece, Sweden takes very long time… Even worse, to Brazil, that package is still on the way…I think I can swim there in 40 days.