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VoCore: SPI & MicroSD 6

The factory contacted me today, the first 200pcs(beta, same as release one) will be done about Aug.12 and I need at least one day to test the new firmware, so there is only three days left to SPI CS1 driver, or we have to go plan B, leave that part alone for mass production then use update firmware to fix that.

Just did more test and check today.
There are some missing parts(it should not in openwrt code either)

SPI RESET REGISTER(address: 0x10000034)

SPI CS1 MODE REGISTER(address: 0x10000060)


This note is not that important, but this remind me, we have some SPI pin be pulled to GND in VoCore for the bootstrap!!!

They are SPI_CLK, SPI_MOSI. 🙂
There are push to GND…

And compare my dock circuit, they are pull to VCC…
Ye, HERE IT IS, my dock is not compatible with that VoCore.

That might the possible reason why the TF card do not reply me. The circuit is like this now…That 20K ohm resistor is planed to pull SPI_MOSI to VCC but now weaken the signal, due to that 4.7k ohm push it to GND… 0.8V happens to at the edge of VIL(Input LOW Voltage) of microSD card.

VoCore: SPI & MicroSD 5

I can not make SPI_CS1 work from register, also find the following small line from datasheet(page 87):

So does this mean CS should be only controlled by software but not that SPI_ENABLE register? SPI_ENABLE is just a switch? But how CS0 be controlled? :'( Ahhhh, this kills me, maybe only ralink developer knows how to use it…

I use spi_cs1 as GPIO(thanks to Noltari’s patch) and control it in spi-rt2880.c that driver. Finally, the spi cs1 works. 🙂 this is my spi-rt2880.c.

I read from oscilloscope there is some data send from MOSI to that TF card but TF card just no reply…